Surgical Extractions
This website is for referring dentists. If you are a patient, please click here for our patient site.

Dentists are often reluctant to carry out surgical extractions in their practice. If a tooth breaks during extraction, or just refuses to move, many dentists, understandably, refer their patients to local hospital services. The problem is that there is often a lengthy wait before the patient can be seen and they may be in continued pain as a result. We may be able to help with these patients. Whilst difficult, impacted third molars should still be referred to a specialist, we can help with retained roots or difficult extractions because of thick bone, long, curved roots and so on.

We will usually be able to see your patient and extract their tooth within a few days at the most.

Where possible we would like to see a radiograph of the tooth so that we can make a pre-operative assessment. Please also let us know of any medical complications.

The patient must be able to tolerate the procedure under local anaesthetic. We do not normally provide sedation for anxious patients.

If you find it useful we have produced a referral form which you may use for referrals for surgical extractions You can also send us a referral in your usual way. To download and print the referral form for surgical extractions please click the link below.

Surgical Extraction Patient Referral Form


Please see our current fee guide on the link below. Our fees for surgical extractions include suture removal and aftercare. We will usually be able to see your patient and extract their tooth within a few days at the most.

Our current
Fees Guide

Your patient will probably want to know how much a surgical extraction costs, how long it will take and if it will hurt. Please give your patient a guide to fees as above. Most appointments for surgical extractions will be for 45 minutes including local anaesthesia, surgery, haemostasis, post operative instructions etc. We will then see your patient for suture removal and review about a week later. Please also reassure your patient that we will use local anaesthesia as appropriate and that they should feel no more than minimal discomfort during the procedure.

We have produced a patient information leafletwhich may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below.

Surgical Extractions Patient
Information Leaflet

Please give a copy of this leaflet to your patient which explains costs and some other details about surgical extractions including post operative instructions.
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