This website is for referring dentists. If you are a patient, please click here for our patient site.

We are happy to accept referrals for endodontic treatment up to high difficulty. Some practices have been referring all their molar endodontics for many years and we are pleased to continue to provide this service.

Endodontic treatment is carried out under rubber dam and with magnification. In most cases we use rotary nickel titanium files for root canal preparation and a heated GP system for obturation.

We are happy to take on cases of high difficulty such as difficult molar re-treatments, removal of inaccessible separated instruments or surgical endodontics on molar or premolar teeth.

Teeth are weakened by endodontic treatment. In molars and premolars it is advisable to place a core and crown very shortly after completion to avoid a root split. Please let us know in your referral letter if you would like us to place a core or crown or if you intend to provide these in your own practice.

If you find it useful we have produced a referral form which you may use for referrals for endodontics. You can also send us a referral in your usual way. To download and print the referral form for endodontics please click the link below.

Endodontic Treatment Patient
Referral Form

To help in assessment of endodontic cases the American Association of Endodontists have produced a simple two page guideline document. This categorises difficulty into minimal, moderate and high difficulty. You can see this document by clicking on the link below.

The American Association of Endodontists. Guidelines for
assessment of case difficulty

Each case will be quoted individually according to the degree of difficulty but we will always quote your patient before proceeding with treatment. If you wish us to provide a core or crown these are available at extra cost.

We have produced a patient information leaflet which explains some details about endodontic treatment. This may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below. Please give a copy of this leaflet to your patient.

Please also give your patient a copy of our current fee guide which may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below.

Our current
Fees Guide

Your patient will probably want to know how long it will take and if it will hurt. Please give your patient a guide to fees as above. Straightforward endodontic treatment will take two appointments of 45 minutes with a week between them. They can also be reassured that endodontic treatment will be carried out under local anaesthetic as appropriate.

Your patient may also wish to know if the treatment will be successful. Studies have shown varying results. However endodontic treatment is generally very successful in straightforward cases with a success rate of some 90%. This is of course the same as saying that there is a 10% failure rate.

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