Dental Implants
This website is for referring dentists. If you are a patient, please click here for our patient site.

Many restorative problems can be solved with dental implants and there are some that cannot be solved satisfactorily in any other way.

Referring practitioners sometimes like to complete the restoration of dental implants in their own practices. We are equally happy to provide just the surgery or surgery and restoration. Restoration can be easier than it first sounds. The difficulty is often knowing which components to buy or how the impression technique differs from conventional crown and bridgework.

To solve this problem we have set up a number of help pages on this site. If you wish to restore your own case we will write to you with a list of the components you will need, their costs and how to order them. We will also refer you to pages on this site which will show the procedures and in particular the impression techniques necessary.

If you are referring a patient for dental implants please let us know if you would like to restore the case yourself. For an advance look at the implant help pages please click the link below:

Go to Implant Help pages

In the first instance please refer your patient for an implant consultation. If you already have a panoramic or other radiograph of the area, this would be very useful..

We are happy to receive referrals for dental implants by any method, including e-mail, telephone, letter etc. However should you prefer to use a referral form please print one out by clicking the link below.

Dental Implants Referral Form

We also have a patient information leaflet for dental implants. This is a good way of letting your patient know about dental implants and their costs in advance of their appointment. To print out a copy of our implant information leaflet please click below.

Dental Implants Patient Information Leaflet


Each implant case will be quoted individually according to the degree of difficulty.

In all but the most simple cases we will need some time to study the case and formulate treatment options. We will then have a second appointment to discuss this with your patient. We do not make a charge for this second consultation.

We have produced a patient information leaflet for implant dentistry which may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below. Please give a copy of this leaflet to your patient.

Implant dentistry
Patient Information Leaflet

Please also give your patient a copy of our current fee guide which may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below.

Our current
Fees Guide

After implant surgery there is very often a healing period of 3 to 6 months before an implant can be restored. This also has the effect of spreading the cost of dental implants.

Payment for implant surgery is payable on the day of the procedure. Payment for implant prosthetics is due on the day of fitting.

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