Complete Dentures
This website is for referring dentists. If you are a patient, please click here for our patient site.

We accept referrals for complete dentures. Some practices have been sending us all their complete dentures for some years and we are happy to continue to provide this service.

Whilst we accept difficult denture cases we cannot help with very difficult patients. For example, where a patient has a history of one unsatisfactory denture per year for the last 10 years and has made formal complaints against the dentist every time, we will not be able to do any better than you can.

Your patient should be aware that complete dentures are not a substitute for teeth but an alternative to no teeth. Although we will do our professional best to resolve your patient's complete denture problems we cannot give any guarantees. Every complete denture patient will receive a consent letter which contains a paragraph similar to the one below:

"Yours is a difficult case and I will do my professional best to provide the best possible result for you within the limitations of your clinical situation. If the result does not meet your expectations this will be due to the limitations discussed. Accordingly refunds are not possible. However if it becomes clear following treatment that a better result could have been achieved by using a different technique then I will of course be happy to continue working with you perhaps modifying or even in rare cases remaking the denture at no extra cost to yourself."

To see an example of a complete denture consent form please click the link below

Complete Denture Consent Form Example

Some complete denture problems can only be resolved satisfactorily with dental implants. Please see the Dental Implants page for further information.

We have produced a patient information leaflet which explains some details about denture problems. This may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below. Please give a copy of this leaflet to your patient.

Please also give your patient a copy of our current fee guide which may be downloaded and printed out by clicking the link below.

Our current
Fees Guide


We are happy to receive referrals for complete denture problems by any method, including e-mail, telephone, letter etc.

However should you prefer to use a referral form please print one out by clicking the link below.

Complete Dentures Referral Form

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